Google music... please!

don't forget to read the attached article, link below

So here are a bit more details about the google music project. I am (very) excited about this. Please read the attahched superbly written article (that said, the author is an unabashed google hater/ apple lover). I love the references to lala. Serves also as an illustration as to how apple now acts with tones of the monopolistic type. Wasn't this the industry that the newly founded apple railed against... no more fruity underdog here. I digress...

It is about time for a truly viable cloud music service, but, more importantly, i believe this project must be supplemented with a top-notch android app/player. Imagine if, as a kicker, the android platform could power a smarter line of music players with better social integration, social site updates and interactability, song purchase power, all through an internet connection either on its own or via bluetooth or hotspot through android-run smartphones.

Trust this... it is time for a serious challenge to apple's platform and lineup. There are many of us who, on a technical level, are not fans of the apple juggernaut. Give us something BETTER, give us something to get behind. This is you Android/Google and the open platform hardware companies. This is a crucial moment in corporate history, hopefully it will not disappoint.

Click HERE for the TechCrunch article
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