Nice motivation to get off the couch!

Am fully drained on wards, just read and wanted to share an inspirational outtake from an article by Jackson at Tennis Warehouse . . . Love it! Gonna go for a run now :-)

"I can admit at end of a long day, nothing sounds better than going home, ordering some Thai or Chinese food, sinking into the couch in front of the television and letting the stresses of the day melt from my brain.  But I’ve realized (not only in theory but also in practice) that if I can find the dedication to work out, the energy gain comes after — and it’s soooo worth it.  The ends justify the means by leaps and bounds. You might lose an hour of sleep per day to the torture chamber that is the conventional gym, but when you’re flexing your abs on the beach that hour per day will seem priceless.  You can’t let apathy for your health mix with the ease of doing nothing, it’s the recipe for Jelly rolls.  Dig deep, it’s there- the drive, the desire to live a more healthful life."

Click Here for the original article.
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